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Pete Blake (b.1932)

Well-known as the leading figure of British Pop Art, Sir Peter Blake’s career spans decades. His paintings, drawings, prints, and collages draw upon popular culture imagery often blurring the lines between history and fantasy. The manipulation of images associated with mass culture, emerging during the 1950s, brought Blake to the forefront of the Pop Art. Blake graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1956 and studied with many of the key British artists, including David Hockney, R. B. Kitaj, Joe Tilson, Allen Jones, Peter Phillips and Derek Boshier. Blake’s imaginative and radical collage techniques remain singular, independent of other British, American, and European artists associated with Pop Art. Engaging with popular entertainment as subject matter, Blake continued to push boundaries between art and commerce in 1967 when he created the iconic album cover of The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Blake remains one of the most celebrated artists of his generation. His first major retrospective opened in 1969 at the City Art Gallery, Bristol, followed by retrospectives held at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam in 1973 and the Tate Gallery in 1983.
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Blake, Peter (b.1932), 'The Contemporary Art Society 1910-1985', Poster, 1985. £150.00 | $198.00
Blake, Peter (b.1932), 'For instance now, now there's the king's messenger', Screenprint, 1970.
Blake, Peter (b. 1932), 'Midget', Wood Engraving, 1974-1978.
Blake, Peter (b. 1932), 'Giant', Wood Engraving, 1974-78.
Blake, Peter (b. 1932), 'Tattooed Man', Wood Engraving, 1974-78.
Blake, Peter (b. 1932), 'Bearded Lady', Wood Engraving, 1974-78.
Blake, Peter (b. 1932), 'Fat Boy', Wood Engraving, 1974-78.
Blake, Peter (b.1932), 'A Souvenir of Bath Festival', Woodcut, 1974.
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