Banting, John (1902-1971), 'Negro Guitarist', Linocut in blue ink, 1935/1971.

'Negro Guitarist', Linocut in blue ink, 1935/1971.

Signed, dated and numbered by the artist in pencil. From the edition of 45. Printed on soft laid Japan paper.

Published by Alexander Postan Publishing Ltd in 1971 and printed by John Henn at the Camberwell School of Art under the supervision of the artist.

"In the thirties Banting was known as a champion of the negro cause, a frenetic and wild dancer passionately interested in jazz and a great fan of Eddie Conden. When naming ‘Negro Guitarist’ in 1971 the artist considered ‘Tribute to Eddie Conden’ as an alternative title (conversation with Alexander Postan 12 December 1973). As musical associations were essential to both him and his work, Julian Trevelyan has suggested that ‘Negro Guitarist’, an embodiment of his enthusiasms is really a partial self portrait (letter to the compiler 7 December 1973)". - Tate

Paper Size 22.4 x 27.5 cm
Image Size 8.7 x 12.3 cm
Collection Tate

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