Blake, Peter (b.1932), 'Tattooed Man', Wood Engraving, 1974-78

'Tattooed Man', Wood Engraving, 1974-78

Signed by the artist in pencil. Artist's proof aside from the edition of 100. Printed at White Ink, London, on thin laid Japan paper. Published by Waddington Graphics.

One of five wood engravings from his 'Side Show' series which included 'Tattooed Man', 'Bearded Lady', 'Midget', 'Giant' and 'Fat Boy'.

“These works were intended as a statement that there is no ideal beauty,” he said. “We have these idealised ideas of image but the thesis behind these etchings is to celebrate that everyone is beautiful for what they are, everyone is beautiful for their own reasons. That’s the basis behind it – if you’re unusual looking, you’re beautiful because of that, not in spite of it.” - Peter Blake

“Throughout my life I’ve collected images of people that are different, that don’t conform to modern standards of beauty- tall people, small people, tattooed people, people who are supposedly oddities- and that’s who these wood-carvings were inspired by.” - Peter Blake

Image Size 15.4 x 13 cm
Paper Size 26.5 x 21.4 cm
Provenance Bernard Cook
Collections MOMA, NY, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, & British Museum, London

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