This February Gerrish Fine Art is pleased to offer you a selection of etchings by David Hockney. With prices starting at just £400, this is the perfect moment to invest in one of Britain's best-loved artists.

Hockney created 39 etchings for the series 'Six Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm'. The etching plates were hand-drawn by David Hockney in London between May and November 1969, proofed by Maurice Payne and printed by Piet Clement on W.S.Hodgkinson paper. Published by the Petersburg Press in association with the Kasmin Gallery in 1970.

For this series Hockney selected six stories from the 220 by the Brothers Grimm, which he'd delighted in since childhood. These include 'The Little Sea Hare', 'Fundevogel', 'Rapunzel', 'The Boy who left Home to learn Fear', 'Old Rinkrank' and 'Rumpelstilzchen'. Hockney stated, "They're fascinating, the little stories, told in a very very simple, direct, straightforward language and style, it was this simplicity that attracted me. They cover quite a strange range of experience, from the magical to the moral."

We have a complete set of the 39 unsigned etchings which were printed in an edition of 400 plus 15 artists proofs and 9 hand-signed etchings printed in an edition of 100 plus 15 artists proofs. 

The signed etchings we have are as follows:

1. Home - £18,500
2. The Boy Hidden in an Egg - £4,500
3. The Sexton disguised as a Ghost - £4,300
4. Rapunzel Growing in the Garden - £3,500
5. The Older Rapunzel £3,500
6. The Bell Tower - £2,750
7. The Church Tower and the Clock - £2,500
8. A Room Full of Straw - £2,000
9. Pleading for the Child - £2,000