Griggs, F.L. (1876-1938), ‘Stoke Poges’, Etching, 1918

‘Stoke Poges’, Etching, 1918

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Signed and dedicated in the artist's hand. From the edition of 22 in this the sixth state. Printed on a sheet of antique paper.

Dedicated to Helen Macaulay and inscribed with the rejected stanza (from Gray’s Elegy, the setting of which is claimed to have been the churchyard of Stoke Poges) all in Griggs’s hand:
‘There scatterd oft, the earliest of the year
By hands unseen, are showers of violets found;

The Redbreast loves to build and warble there,
And little footsteps lightly print the ground.’

‘In Stoke Poges, etched in 1918, a side view of the porch of the little church made famous by Gray, we have the artist’s smallest plate. It is a real gem, breathing the whole spirit of the sacred spot. As we study it, many of the impressions and emotions we feel when we read the Elegy are revived to us; the print “does something to us” as our American cousins say, for it possesses that “something more” which lifts it from the commonplace into the realm of poetry itself.’ - Harold Wright.

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