Griggs, F.L. (1876-1938), 'The Watercolour Record', Book of 44 Pencil Drawings, c.1906-1938

'The Watercolour Record', Book of 44 Pencil Drawings, c.1906-1938

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From 1907 until his death, in 1938, F.L.Griggs kept a record of his watercolours in a vellum bound book, entitled ‘Watercolour Drawings’. Gullick believes that most of the record drawings were made after the watercolours but that there were some exceptions. For example the drawing of Willersey Hill, said to be done on the spot, is dated before the watercolour, and Gullick also feels that the drawings of Valley Farms, Sarras and the Sexton’s Cottage, although undated, were all done prior to the watercolours.

The drawings in this album depart from being just a record of Griggs’s watercolours and are in themselves further expression of the artist’s deep poetic vision. These works certainly compare with the best of his pencil drawings.

Griggs wrote on the 30th of August 1913, ‘It is in work done for his own amusement, or entirely upon his own initiative, that one must look, speaking generally, for an artist’s best expression of his own art’. Michael Gullick says this sentiment ‘may be extended to the watercolour record with its beautiful & interesting drawings, certainly the ‘best expression’ of the artist’.

Size of Book 31 x 25 cm