Haden, Seymour (1818-1910), 'Whistler's Old House, Chelsea', Etching and Drypoint, 1863

Whistler had just moved into lodgings in Lindsey Row, Chelsea, when his brother-in-law, Seymour Haden, made this etching of it (the sun-lit facade at the left-centre). From this house, Whistler would make some of his finest etchings of Chelsea, the Thames and the old wooden bridge that led to Battersea on the western outskirts of London.

'Great care was taken in the drawing, especially in the foreshortening of the barges, which gave me infinite trouble, I remember. (The etching plate) wore out very soon and had to be destroyed before it had given its full quota of impressions' - Seymour Haden

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