Hayter, Stanley William (1901-1988), 'Amazon', Engraving, Soft-ground Etching and Scorper, 1945

'Amazon', Engraving, Soft-ground Etching and Scorper, 1945

Signed, titled, dated, and inscribed 'Trial Proof' by the artist in pencil. Trial Proof aside from the edition of 50.

Amazon was created during Hayterís stay in America where he continued to experiment with the simultaneous printing techniques he had begun to develop in Paris. This was his largest and most ambitious print to date, and the increase in scale allowed a far more complex treatment of textures and space than was previously possible.

An Amazon was a warrior from a female race which excluded men from their society and famously removed their right breast in order to be able to draw their bowstring better. This subject of a menacing, matriarchal female figure was one Hayter explored in other engravings of this period such as Tarantelle.

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Reference Black and Moorhead 165