House, Gordon (1932-2004), 'Westminster' (Bridges Portfolio), Etching, 1985

'Westminster' (Bridges Portfolio), Etching, 1985

From the 'Bridges' portfolio of eight etchings. Signed, titled and numbered by the artist. Edition of 30 plus 5 artist's proofs. Editioned at Kelpra Studio, London, in collaboration with Nigel Oxley.

Gordon House described these etchings in his catalogue 'Gordon House Editions 1982-1996':

ĎAs I live and work in London I find that over the years of circumnavigating the City one is taken back and forth, sometimes by the same bridge or another. Either way one is crossing from North to South to North that Old Father Thames by its many wonderful bridges. All these structures have their own idiosyncratic character that distinguishes that particular district of the great Metropolis. Even when not crossing the river one finds oneself traveling along the Embankment or adjacent to some boundary walling, the road sometimes running over or under bridge arches. The majestic buildings mingle with warehouses and historic wharfs. Many artists, such as Turner and the Chelsea circle of Whistler, on to Monet from the Savoy Hotel, have given us such views of our river and its life. Approaching the millenium other river structures are already at planning stage, with some structural works appearing. It seems that the river will always change in tandem with the Cityís growth.

My own Bridge portfolio of etchings suggests a modest homage to an old friend and to those previous artists of a different time. The riverís turn from Westminster, Big Ben to Blackfriars and St Paulís, on to Southwark, passing my friendís apartment at Whitehall Court (twin black towers) on the north side. It was here from Sidney Nolanís balcony apartment high at the centre of the building that we both marvelled on many delightful occasions at the riverís twisted flow, a view embracing several bridges from East to West, a majestic sight to behold in any weather at any time of day or month.í

Image Size 19.5 x 30 cm
Paper Size 40 x 52.7 cm