Hughes-Stanton, Blair (1902-1981), ‘The Bathers’, Oil & Sgraffito on Canvas c.1937

‘The Bathers’, Oil & Sgraffito on Canvas c.1937

The artist used a technique called sgraffito to produce this work. The technique was originally popularised during the early Italian Renaissance and involved drawing or scratching (often with the tip of the handle of a paintbrush) into a skim of gesso or plaster. Both Ben Nicholson and Barbara Hepworth also used this method in their painting during the 1930s. The process adds a sculptural quality to the piece.

The theme of bathers at the beach was one Hughes-Stan- ton addressed in several paintings during 1937 and 1938 including ‘Bathers’ (1938), ‘Figures in a Boat’ (1938), ‘Bathers on the Beach’ (1938), ‘The Fish Maiden’ (1938), ‘Sunbather’ (1938) and ‘Girl on the Beach at Cassis’ (1938).

Image Size 43 x 53 cm