Martin, John (1789-1854), 'Satan Viewing the Ascent to Heaven', Mezzotint, pre. 1825

'Satan Viewing the Ascent to Heaven', Mezzotint, pre. 1825

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Working proof, produced prior to the first publication of the plate in 1825. Proof before all letters, printed after the lower clouds and bottom stairs had been fully defined but before the series of almost vertical engraved lines were added to the white underside of Satan's left wing.

Working proofs such as this of the smaller series of mezzotints for Paradise Lost are exceedingly rare, much rarer than the larger series - probably because Martin had already worked out most of the designs pretty thoroughly when preparing/engraving the larger series of plates (some of which were done before the smaller versions, others were simultaneous).

Paradise Lost 1824–27

In 1824 Martin was contracted by the London publisher Septimus Prowett to produce mezzotint illustrations to John Milton’s famously sublime religious poem Paradise Lost (1667; revised edition 1674). The prints were published in series by subscription in 1825–7. They were an instant critical and commercial success. The prints were issued in various formats aimed at different price levels of the market, and could be enjoyed as individual images or alongside the text in book form.

-Quotation from The Tate Gallery

Image Size 19.3 x 15.1 cm
Plate Size 26.7 x 19.3 cm
Paper Size 34 x 27.3 cm
Reference C.W.57

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