Nevinson, C.R.W. (1889-1946), 'The Road From Arras to Bapaume, Lithograph, 1918

'The Road From Arras to Bapaume, Lithograph, 1918

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Signed and dated by the artist in pencil.

This lithograph is based on Nevinson’s oil on canvas of the same title, 1917, now in the collection of the Imperial War Museum.

The image depicts the endless undulating road from Arras to Bapaume, two key strategic military positions in the development of the First World War. Figures and vehicles progress quietly along the wet road under a brooding grey sky. The strong perspective enhances the bleakness and desolation of the scene with its flat featureless fields, punctuated only by skeletal trees and an encampment of tents.

The composition was forged by war itself. In his 1937 autobiography ‘Paint and Prejudice’, Nevinson wrote that he returned from a period of convalescence in Cornwall to ‘find that a bomb had fallen on the printing works where my lithographs were kept and that my stones were damaged. The reason for the extra ridge in my lithograph of the ‘Arras-Bapaume Road’ is because I had to put it in to cover the injury done to my original stone’.
Nevinson first studied lithography in 1912 under the tutelage of Ernest Jackson at the LCC Schools in Southampton Row, London. He drew all his lithographs on stone rather than zinc or transfer paper.

Image Size 48.4 x 38.6 cm
Paper Size 58 x 44 cm
Provenance Captain E. Lander
Collections Metropolitan Museum of Art; Imperial War Museum; V & A; Museums Sheffield
Reference Black 30

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