Nevinson, C.R.W. ( 1889-1946), 'Canal at Charenton, Île-de-France, Ivry-sur-Seine', Oil on Canvas, c.1913

Nevinson, C.R.W. ( 1889-1946), 'Canal at Charenton, Īle-de-France, Ivry-sur-Seine', Oil on Canvas, c.1913

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Signed C.R.W. Nevinson, lower left.

This painting's importance lies in when it was painted. In 1913 Nevinson left for Paris, and it was here that he met Marinetti the leader of the Futurist movement, a movement that would manifest itself as Vorticism in Britain under the leadership of Percy Wyndham Lewis. In Paris Nevinson saw works by Picasso, met Severini and Matisse and even shared a studio with Modigliani. The rebellious spirit that lay in the work of these Parisian artists would prove extremely influential to the young Nevinson.

Size 51 x 76.2 cm
Provenance Sir Michael Culme-Seymour, Rockingham Castle
Fine Art Society 1985
Mr and Mrs Alan Fortunoff
Exhibitions Imperial War Museum, 'C.R.W. Nevinson - The Twentieth Century', 1999
Reference 'C.R.W. Nevinson - The Twentieth Century', 1999, p. 66

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