Nevinson, C.R.W. (1889-1946), 'La Villette', Lithograph, c.1917

'La Villette', Lithograph, c.1917

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Signed lower right in ink. Small unknown edition (Leicester Galleries claim an edition of 20, but it is considered unlikely that so many were ever printed. Only three have appeared on the open market).

Printed in 1917, 'La Villette' is believed to be Nevinson's earliest foray into lithography. Situated in the North of Paris, and linked by a canal to the River Seine at the Bassin de l'Arsenal, La Villette was one of the poorest quarters of Paris and the location of the city's slaughterhouses.

Nevinson visited Paris in 1912 and met, amongst others, Boccioni and Severini. He also saw the work of Pablo Picasso. This time spent in Paris was arguably the most important period of Nevinson's life, and was the start of his adoption of the Futurist and Vorticist style that he championed in his 1914 work 'Returning to the Trenches'.

Corresponding Imagery: 'Canal at Ghent', Oil on Canvas, c.1914

Image Size 38.5 x 30.3 cm
References 'Nash and Nevinson in War and in Peace', Leicester Galleries catalogue, 1977, cat. 60; Black, Jonathan, 'C.R.W. Nevinson The Complete Prints', 2014, cat. 14

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