Nicholson, Ben (1894-1982), 'San Gimignano', Drypoint, 1953/1966

'San Gimignano', Drypoint, 1953/1966

Drypoint. No recorded edition. Unsigned proof printed in 1966. Printed on a thick textured laid paper.

Nicholson made only three isolated drypoints in the 1950s. Two of these being scenes of Italy, 'Pisa' (1951) and 'San Gimignano' (1953). No edition of 'San Gimignano' is recorded. Probably only around ten impressions were made in 1953. This example is one of two impressions thought to have been printed in 1966, from the 1953 plate, shortly after Nicholson began working on etchings with Lafranca. It is deliberately heavily inked accentuating the interplay of planes, patterns, shapes and line.

San Gimignano, near Siena in Italy, is a well-preserved Renaissance hill-town. Nicholson first visited it in 1950 but returned on several occasions following his relocation to Switzerland in 1958. The combination of architecture and landscape suited Nicholson because it allowed him to mix geometry with natural forms.

Image Size 17 x 24.5 cm
Paper Size 32.9 x 38.7 cm
Reference AC 30

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