Richmond, George (1809-1896), 'The Shepherd', Original Copper Plate, 1827

'The Shepherd', Original Copper Plate, 1827

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The original copper plate for Richmond’s pastoral masterpiece ‘The Shepherd’. Richmond, the youngest Blake disciple of ‘The Ancients’, completed this engraving in Shoreham at the age of just 18 and it was probably the first print made in this vein by a member of the group. Richmond recorded in his account book that he ‘Began an Engraving of Christ the good Shepherd’ on 16 April 1827. He later recalled ‘it was among the very happiest weeks of my long life, in which I engraved ‘The Shepherd’ and did much other work’.

A drawing by Samuel Palmer of Richmond engraving ‘The Shepherd’ is in the permanent collection of the Huntington Library and Art Gallery.

Richmond made just two pastoral prints, ‘The Shepherd’ and the smaller ‘Fatal Bellman’.


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