Royds, Mabel (1874-1941), 'Prickly Pear', Woodcut, c.1924

'Prickly Pear', Woodcut, c.1924

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Signed by the artist.

'In 1913 Mabel Royds married the British etcher and portrait painter E.S.Lumsden. Their honeymoon took them to Paris, Florence and Rome, and they went on to Port Said and Bombay. In 1914, the army rejected her husband on medical grounds and they returned to India to see if the Indian army would have him, which it did for a time. In 1916 they made a long and adventurous trek into the Himalayas...this journey - and India as a whole - was the source of much work.'

Image Size 22 x 28.9 cm
Collections National Galleries Scotland, V & A,

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