Felicien Rops is closely associated with the literary movements of Symbolism and Decadence. Obsessed with female sensuality, he is an artist whose work was long suppressed due to its content. Many of his images epitomise Rops' conception of a world dominated by women, prostitution, and madness, as well as the dark underworld of death and the satanic.

After becoming a member of the jury for the Société des Aquafortistes in Paris he returned to Belgium in the 1870s and founded the International Society of Etchers in his native country. Rops was a brilliant technician who devoted his career to the exploration of intaglio printing. He was also prolific and completed almost 1,000 original prints. At the end of the artist's life Albert Bertrand (1854-1912), an outstanding engraver, published larger coloured impressions of Rops' work. Bertrand continued to publish Rops’s plates until the turn of the twentieth century and the prints remain sought after examples of Rops' extraordinary imagery.

Gerrish Fine Art owns a very high quality archive of over 200 prints from all phases of Rops' career, including many rare hand-coloured examples.

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