Advice on Buying

We are aware that at times the art market may appear opaque and complex. We at Gerrish Fine Art aim to lift the curtain on the many minutiae of the market and help to elucidate it. Our mission statement is to help our clients to build collections of both enduring quality and value, whilst at the same time exploring their specific interests and providing an educational experience.

For a predetermined fee we:

  • Source works of art, keeping our clients up to date with pieces that might interest them available privately or through auction.

  • Research the condition, quality and provenance of potential purchases and advise our clients on the correct price to pay.

  • Handle all negotiations, execute bids at auction, and take care of all post-sale logistics, which are often irksome and time consuming.

  • Advice on Selling

    Selling art is a complex process that raises many questions: Where to sell, when to sell, what to sell? Our aim is to evaluate all potential avenues through which to sell, be it privately, through auction or directly to an institution, and to obtain the highest possible net financial return for our clients.

    Throughout all proceedings we exercise the utmost discretion.

    Valuations and Collection Management

    We have extensive experience in valuing individual works of art and entire collections and can provide both current market values and formal valuations for insurance purposes and probate. We are proud of our close relationships with many of the world’s leading museums and can provide an important link between museums and collectors arranging both short term exhibition loans and gifts on behalf of collectors.