Sutherland, Graham (1903-1980), 'Clegyr-Boia', Etching & Aquatint, 1938

'Clegyr-Boia', Etching & Aquatint, 1938

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As published in Signature 9 (July 1938). Printed on wove paper.

Clegyr-Boia is an outcrop of rock near St David's, where Sutherland stayed in the Summer of 1934 on his first visit to Pembrokeshire. The print must have been based on a drawing, and clearly marks the distinction from the early etchings both in its technique (aquatint is used for the first time) and in style. Traces of Palmer have been lost, and instead a Surrealist agglomeration of shapes challenges interpretation. Two years before, Sutherland had contributed two paintings to the London International Surrealist exhibitio - quotation from 'Avant Garde British Printmaking 1914-1960'


Image Size 19.4 x 14.5 cm
Paper Size 24.2 x 18.2 cm
Reference Man 37; Tassi 33

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